The Blönduós Textile Center (Iceland) hosts the second meeting of ALLURE's Erasmus+ Project

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The Blönduós Textile Center (Iceland) hosts the second meeting of ALLURE's Erasmus+ Project

11 Sep 2022, 20:22 PM
ALLURE team (5 women and 4 men from Iceland, Poland, Portugal and Spain) on the front wall of the Textile Museum in Blönduós, Iceland.

The small Icelandic town of Blönduós, in the northwest of the island, hosted on September 7 and 8 the second meeting of the group of entities participating in the Erasmus+ ALLURE project (Literacy for freedom: Universal Accessibility in Cultural Resources for Permanent Education). The purpose of the project is to learn about the reality of culture in Europe from the point of view of cultural inclusion and accessibility, the challenges they face and the possible solutions to these challenges, as a first step towards a truly inclusive culture.

The Blönduós Icelandic Textile Center promotes and develops Icelandic and international textile materials. It collaborates in research projects in important areas for the region and fosters synergies, education and innovation in the textiles, textile art and traditional and innovative design areas. Housed in the historic building of Kvennaskólinn, a former Women's College, the Textile Center Residence offers students, academics and visiting artists a workspace to carry out their artistic practice, research, residencies and study trips within textiles with materials. They also encourage the participation of adult students in rural areas of the country using new tools and technologies and developing cultural exchange activities.

The team that makes up the ALLURE project visited both the facilities of the Textile Center and the Fablab, located very close to the Center, and also the Textile Museum, unique in Iceland and opened in 2003, which houses a large space for exhibitions and samples of the history of textile in the country.


Reunión de traballo do equipo de ALLURE no antigo Centro de Mulleres reconvertido en Centro Téxtil