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Regional Ministry of Culture, Education and University

The Regional Ministry of Culture, Education and University of the Xunta de Galicia is the department of the regional government of Galicia (Spain) with responsability in the promotion and dissemination of culture, the management of the Galician educational system, in general, and the administration and especically, the management of the public network of educational centres; the promotion of the Galician language, the protection and promotion of the cultural heritage and The Ways of Saint-James, among others.

That is, it is in charge of the general government and coordination of the educational policy and cultural promotion, in addition to a network of more than 1000 education centres, many of them offering life-long training and adult education. It also manages an extensive network of museums and other heritage and cultural resources. Under its responsabilities are AGADIC (Galician Agency of Cultural Industries) and the City of Culture Foundation.

The lines of  action of the Regional Ministry are driven by the need to increase and take advantage of the synergies between policies in culture and  education, from a perspective of sustainability and inclusion. For this, in addition to the creation and management of different programs of educational and cultural innovation (centred in digital transformation, plurilingualism, social harmony in education, employability, etc) participates in national and transnational projects, always with international vocation in mind.

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Þekkingarsetur á Blönduósi

(Þ ekkingarsetur), the aim of the Icelandic Textile Centre is to promote and develop textile materials, both Icelandic and international. It collaborates in projects of research in relevant areas for the region and boosts the collaboration, the education and the innovation in the field of  textile industry, textile art and traditional and innovative design.

Located in the historical building of Kvennaskólinn, an ancient School for Women, the Residence of the Textile Centre offers the students, academicians and artists visitors work space carry out their artistic practice, research and trips of study in textile craft. One of the aims of the Icelandic Textile Centre is to develop paths of flexible learning and materials for adult students in rural areas of Iceland to increase their knowledge in production and textile design using new information technology tools. In the past, has initiated and/or participated in projects centred in the social inclusion, sharing cultural competitions and textile traditions of migrant adult students  with the Icelandic community, allowing a rich cultural exchange.

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Workshops of culture in Lublin

Workshops of Culture in Lublin is a municipal cultural institution in Lublin, Poland. It’s the heart and mind behind a variety of open and non-standard cultural activities. Workshops of Culture promote the concept of "active culture". The institution enthusiastically supports and implements long-term development plans based on a sense of community among Lublin’s cultural operators and recipients, acting together and supporting one another. Workshops of Culture create culture that is modern, interactive, interdisciplinary and innovative.

The institution cooperates with artists and other institutions from Poland and abroad and has developed highly efficient methods of cultural education, management and animation. Its mission also centers on the everyday application of modern technologies in cultural education and the promotion of cultural heritage.

Workshops of Culture also organise the four largest summer festivals in Lublin: Night of Culture, East of Culture – Different Sounds, Carnaval Sztukmistrzów and The Jagiellonian Fair – re:tradition. Rooted in Lublin’s history and traditions, they have become an integral part of the city’s cultural landscape and activate the local community.

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Associacao Business of Portugal

AEP Is a partly-public institution that works with all the Portuguese companies in different subjects to meet professional needs, ranging from skills-training with adults; step by step creation of new companies and legal support; and also world-wide internationalisation. Training has been a continuous commitment of AEP from his foundation, with emphasis in the creation of the first Industrial School in Portugal, in 1852.

AEP Qualifica Center has undergone an incredible work with adults in processes of life-long learning, during more than 20 years it has helped adults to develop their personal and professional skills. It is also responsible of the development of a new project in the region of Porto with some important partners as Porto City of Professions and the University of Port, for people with disability, not only improving their qualifications and skills as shown in their CV to improve their chances of recruitment, but also bridging their interaction with companies interested in their profile.

Asociación empresarios de Portugal

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University of Vigo

The University of Vigo ( UVIGO) is a young public academic institution founded officially in1989. It has three main aims: to provide services of upper education with high quality standards and oriented to promote work experience between its students, giving priority to the internationalisation; to promote basic and applied research in competitive groups at international level; and to transfer its knowledge and scientific progress to society to boost an intelligent and sustainable growth in their social ecosystem.

The group that participates in the project is formed by researchers of the Group of InformationTechnologies (a group of research and development that investigates in ICT) and researchers of other groups with experience in Erasmus+ KA2 projects. The first group consists of university professors, several PhD students and several researchers that participate in different projects. The members of the group also have a verifiable experience in the development of solutions oriented to people with special needs, with 14 applications, scientific articles and some prizes.

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The team of this project has people from:

  • the Regional Ministry of Culture, Education and University in Galicia. Galicia is located in Spain.
  • University of Vigo, in Galicia.
  • Workshops of Lublin, in Poland.
  • Associacao empresarial de Portugal, in Portugal.
  • Þekkingarsetur á Blönduósi, in Iceland.

All the team works in culture and education activities.