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Allure Project

We have adult people not using cultural resources because of different accessibility problems

→ This project is called ALLURE.

→ This project works for accessible culture for all.

→ With this project all adults can learn in cultural activities.

→ With this project cultural activities have accessible information and resources.

Link: Project information Leaflet

Imaxe fondo proxecto

Icona silla de rodas

People with dissabilities

Icona problema auditivo

Poor communication competence in the local language

Icona can guía

Lack of required knowledge

Web based Apps

Cultural Information Made Accessible - (CIMA):
Web app intended to provide information in accessible formats (text, TTS, pictograms, etc) on basic information about the use of the resource, such as opening/closing (starting/end) times, availability of lifts/escalators, accessible paths for wheelchairs, information in Braille/Pictograms/audioguides, accessible restrooms, etc.

App for the design and use of education activities for adults.
Through a process of design thinking we will design, implement and deploy an app capable of generation education activities for adults. This activities will boost key aspects in adult education and will make educative use of the cultural resource. As an example, it could be, treasure hunts, escape rooms, guided quest tours, etc...

Reports and recommendations on accessibility to cultural resources in adult education

Report on state-of-the art and necessities in adult education from the perspective of cultural resources:
We will find what we are doing now to bring adult education centres to our cultural resources and what necessities we have to boost this sort of activities. We will focus in adults with difficulties as mentioned above.

Best practices and recommendations:
From 2.1 we will be able to spot the best practices in this matter and we will discuss them in depth. We will also include experts opinions on how to cooperate between cultural resources and adult education centres. Finally we will also provide examples of use of the app developed by our group as IO1.2.